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Who we are: Dry cargo broker
Nauta Befrachtungskontor GmbH

Nauta Befrachtungskontor GmbH is a small team of professional shipbrokers. Founded in 1969 by Hinrich Ruben and Günter Grosse to run a fleet of coaster vessels. Over the years Nauta has changed its profile from being a shipowner into a pure dry cargo broker. Today we serve as brokers for a number of well-known and respected clients.

What we do

As dry cargo brokers we connect charterers and shipowners. We search for suitable vessels for your specific transport requirements and negotiate the terms and conditions for transport arrangements. We also guarantee first class operations in respect of post-fixing, voyage status, information, claims handling and more.

Furthermore, we can assist you in finding the best solutions for switching the transport agreements from CIF to FOB or vice versa. We can also provide you with the most actual and reliable market overlook or a quick freight indication.

You can concentrate on your daily business, while we take care of your transport requirements: Fully transparent and closely concentrated on your needs, reliably and legally safe, in order to minimize your costs and maximize your profit.

What we cost

Our services are free for cargo owners. We receive a commission by the shipowner upon having successfully performed the transportation contract.

How we work

We work fast, reliably, and transparently, at the same time treating every inquiry with our utmost confidence and care in order to protect your business.

In case you miss any information or just want to give us feedback, please feel free to contact us.

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NAUTA Befrachtungskontor GmbH
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